FAQ — Freewheel Weekends – A passion for accessible travel

Who is ‘Freewheel Weekends’ for?

FWW is for travellers who are curious and culturally-engaged. It’s aimed at users of manual wheelchairs who are predominantly independent.

Who makes Freewheel Weekends?

It’s made by Ryan Smith, a designer a marketer who uses a wheelchair. It’s a labor of love and is self-funded.

He runs onep1xel – a digital design studio, and Mention Mobility – an accessibility communications agency.

So you’re travel consultants?

Not really – we don’t arrange or book travel. We write about Melbourne’s spaces and places, destinations and experiences – making recommendations and accessibility notes.

It’s a city guide?

Well, yeah. There are 2 main parts to FWW –
The Directory – These are listings, facts and brief notes about places we’ve visited; restaurants, galleries, gardens, hotels, etc.
FWW Features – Here you’ll find recommendations, reviews and opinion pieces.

What are the letters on the listings pages?

They’re shorthand for common accessibility factors – they’re explained here.

Do you rate experiences, hotels, restaurants, etc?

We don’t have a rating system – there’s no ‘stars’ in Freewheel Weekends. We write about our experiences & recommend accessible, safe & welcoming destinations and their staff. We only feature experiences [...]

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