Episode 008: Common Accessibility Failures | Word Wrap

We kick off part one of our two part accessibility series, starting with semantics and dipping into more complex concepts like roving tabindex and focus trapping.

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I’m Claire


and I’m Steph.


And this is Word Wrap.


Today, we’re bringing you part one of a two part series we’re doing about accessibility. And our first one here we’re going to talk about some common accessibility failure scenarios.

So I’d like to start with a little game. Your currently open project or your current work project has 50 points. Lose 15 if you tab around and visually get lost. Lose 15 if there are any contrast failures. Lose 10 for disassociated labels and inputs. Lose five for images or icons without alt text. And lose five for missing landmark roles and labels.

Now, if any of those terms were new to you, hold on. We’re going to talk about them. But if you do this little test, be sure [...]

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