Ep 72: Disabled Curators – Disability Visibility Project

Posted March 8, 2020 by Alice Wong Podcast

Ep 72: Disabled Curators


Today’s episode is about curation with artist Anna Berry. Anna is the first curator-in-residence in a programme created by DASH, a visual arts charity in the UK led by disabled people that connects disabled curators to major visual arts organizations. I spoke with Anna last year in the middle of her residency at the Midlands Art Center which is located in the city of Birmingham. For folks in the Midlands region of the UK, the exhibit Anna curated, titled, “Art and Social Change: The Disability Arts Movement,” is open now until March 22, 2020. In our conversation, Anna is going to demystify what curation is, she’ll also share her experiences of making her access needs known during her residency, and why we need more disabled curators in the arts.


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Black and white double exposure head-shot of Anna Berry, one in which she is looking forward, and one in profile.

Anna Berry is an artist who creates socially- and politically-conscious work, often large kinetic installation, and [...]

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