Ep 32: Disabled Refugees – Disability Visibility Project

Posted August 27, 2018 by Alice Wong Podcast

Ep 32: Disabled Refugees


Today’s episode is about disabled refugees featuring an interview with Dr. Mansha Mirza, Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Along with Dr. Rooshey Hasnain, Mansha is Co-Principal Investigator for a project called PRIDE, Partners of Refugees in Illinois Disability Employment. PRIDE aims to support Illinois-based job-seeking refugees with disabilities in accessing employment and career opportunities. Mansha will talk about this project, the needs of refugees w/ disabilities in Illinois, and what we all can do to help welcome refugees in our community.

Outdoor photo with the PRIDE project team in front of a campus sign that reads: “Disability, Health and Social Policy Building, 1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., Heart Center & Physical Therapy” there are large trees in the background. Left to right: Aman Khan, IT Specialist, Rooshey Hasnain, Principal Investigator, Mansha Mirza, Co-Principal Investigator, Kathryn Duke, Project Coordinator, Sumithra Murthy, Senior Research Associate


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