Ep 16: Disabled Filmmakers – Disability Visibility Project

Posted January 15, 2018 by Alice Wong Podcast

Ep 16: Disabled Filmmakers


There are plenty of documentaries about disabled people but very few are directed, written, or produced by disabled people. Today’s episode features a conversation with two filmmakers: Jen Brea of ‘Unrest’ and Jim LeBrecht of ‘Crip Camp.’ Jen and Jim talk about their films, the power of disability narratives, the importance of documenting our disability communities and cultures, and how the filmmaking community needs to be more inclusive.


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James LeBrecht. (January 8, 2018). A Place at the Table: Doc Filmmakers with Disabilities on Building Careers and Disproving Stereotypes. Documentary Magazine.

Samantha Raphelson. (January 2, 2018). ‘Unrest’ Director Turns Camera On Herself To Document Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. National Public Radio.


Headshot of Jen Brea, a young woman with curly brown hair with a wide smile. She is looking slightly away from the camera and wearing a short-sleeved red blouse.

Jennifer Brea is an independent documentary filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She has an AB from Princeton University and was a PhD student at Harvard until sudden [...]

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