Ep 10: Deaf and Disabled Women on YouTube – Disability Visibility Project

Posted November 19, 2017 by Alice Wong Podcast

Ep 10: Deaf and Disabled Women on YouTube


Today’s episode features two Deaf and disabled media makers on YouTube: Rikki Poynter and Annie Segarra. Rikki and Annie talk about the creative process and work behind creating accessible videos, finding community on YouTube, their activism, and more.


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Rikki Poynter is a 26-year-old deaf YouTuber, public speaker, and activist living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She talks about deaf awareness, accessibility (mainly closed captions), mental health, child abuse, feminism, and more. When she’s not talking about social issues, she’s talking about fun things like Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/rikkipoynter

Twitter: @rikkipoynter

Image Description: black and white photo of Annie, a tall, light brown skinned person with slicked-back hair, dressed in all black and sunglasses, seated in a manual wheelchair.

Annie Segarra (aka Annie Elainey) is a Content Creator, YouTuber, Writer, Actor/Singer, Speaker, and Activist. She runs a YouTube channel called “Annie Elainey” where she produces predominantly [...]

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