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Empowering Individuals With Disabilities Through AI Technology

Tyler Weitzman
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Jun 16, 2023,10:30am EDT|

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Tyler Weitzman, cofounder, President and Head of AI at Speechify.


The WHO estimates that more than 2.5 billion disabled people will need one or more assistive technologies in 2030. Yet almost a billion of them can’t access these products. Considering how globalization is increasing, this means we are denying an entire community from enjoying the same services as everyone else.

As AI systems have grown in popularity and complexity, however, we are seeing more AI-powered solutions that can help people with mental, physical, visual or hearing impairments perform tasks, both everyday and complex. I believe that by making AI technologies more widely accessible, many businesses can change the lives of individuals with disabilities. Here are four ways businesses using AI technology can empower (or are already empowering) individuals with disabilities.

1. Easing Communication

AI voice technologies, such as Siri, Alexa and Echo, help make communication easier for people with impairments. [...]

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