Educator Training Beyond the Classroom

Educator Training Beyond the Classroom

October 4, 2019 Greg Thomson

Our last article outlined how stronger accessibility training for educators is needed to support students with disabilities in the classroom. In this article, we discuss educator training beyond the classroom. Increased training for teachers and other staff could help them fully support students outside of class.

Educator Training Beyond the Classroom

Under the current Information and Communications Standards, educators must receive training on how to create accessible courses and lessons. Educators must also learn how to teach in ways that accommodate the needs of students with different disabilities. However, educators have many responsibilities besides teaching. For instance, elementary school and high school educators may:

  • Form or run extracurricular clubs
  • Supervise students at lunch and recess
  • Support students as guidance or career counsellors

Moreover, non-teaching staff at colleges or universities also work with students in:

  • Residence
  • Financial aid offices
  • Academic counselling
  • Writing centres

All of these professionals have the chance to work with students who have disabilities. However, under the AODA, teachers only learn to support students in class. Similarly, non-teaching staff may receive only the basic AODA training required for customer service workers. They do not receive training that would help them support students with disabilities who hope to:

  • Be part of a team [...]

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