Disabled Afghans in special jeopardy, warns exiled campaigner

World leaders must act to protect disabled Afghans who are in immediate danger under Taliban rule, a prominent blind human rights activist has urged after being evacuated to the UK.

Benafsha Yaqoobi, a commissioner at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), said she fears the Taliban will neglect and discriminate against people with disabilities due to the belief, held by many in the country, that disability is a punishment from God for the sins of parents.

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Speaking to the Guardian, Yaqoobi said: “I want from the UK and EU to please, please, create a special visa for women whose lives are in danger, people with disabilities whose lives are in danger.

“There are millions of people with disabilities there without any support, without food, without clothes, without education, without any basic human rights. We must raise their voices.”

After a distressing journey to Kabul airport, Yaqoobi was evacuated by the Danish and travelled to the UK where she has spent the past 10 days in quarantine in a London hotel, and said she plans to contact activist Malala Yousafzai to discuss ways they could work together to [...]

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