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Disability Tech Is A Game Changer For 2023 And Beyond

Laurel Donnellan
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Jan 18, 2023,12:23pm EST|

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Bernard Chiira, Director of Innovate Now, Africa’s first accelerator for disability technology … [+] startups

Innovate Now

People with disabilities are entering a new world of opportunity as they rely increasingly on advances in technology — including mobility devices as well as hardware, software, and peripherals — all geared to addressing their needs.

This sea change is evident in the conversation shift about disability from cost to value, from liability to innovation potential. There are several exciting trends driving this change:

For the first time in history, there is a nexus of rising societal expectations, rapidly advancing technological innovation and significant capital earmarked for diversity, equity and inclusion to build an inclusive economy.

Until now, disability tech has been an overlooked multi-trillion-dollar global market, bigger than China. Disability is a [...]

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