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Phone for Disability

The Konnekt Videophone is an incredibly easy to use disability phone / impairment phone, ideal for those disabled or impaired, or with a chronic illness, restricted movement or in a wheelchair. It lets you SEE and talk hands-free to your family and friends, with ease, from anywhere in the room. Just ONE TOUCH to call or answer. The LARGE 38cm advanced touchscreen and HUGE buttons make it incredibly easy to operate – even through a bandage or glove, or using a long pointer or prosthetic. There’s no keyboard, mouse or remote. No headset or handset to hold. Carers can be auto-answered.

Konnekt does everything: Setup, personalization, helping your contacts get going with Skype, delivery, support. We have solutions for specialized installation, and we can help you with Internet. Call or email us for help or to make changes remotely. We personalize buttons and messages, in any language, and customize ringing durations so you can take as long as you want to answer… with just one touch.

Konnekt Video Phone – Serious Features For Serious Problems

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With one touch, your Videophone finds and reaches your Contact anywhere in [...]

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