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Digital Accessibility in the New Political Reality

Posted on November 14, 2016

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This is a post about digital access after the 2016 election for president.  In an earlier post I wrote about the threat to digital civil rights if Trump were elected.  Here I write that digital access is here to stay.  Disabled people will insist on access to the accessible content. State laws will not change.  State agencies can protect disabled people’s rights.  Even though there will be new judges, existing judges will still be here.  The disability community is strong.  Activists and their lawyers will work to protect rights.  Companies and government agencies see the value of access.

Five days before the election I wrote a post about what a Donald Trump presidency could do to the ongoing struggle for equality in the digital space. Read the November 3 Post-Trump Digital A11y Update. I wrote from my heart and from a place of fear. Fear of how a Trump presidency could turn back the clock on disability civil rights. Fear about the impending threat to two decades of forward movement to include disabled people in everything the digital world has to offer.

I wrote that piece to sound the alarm [...]

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