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Devan Leos Talks About Diversity and Inclusion in AI


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Published on July 25, 2023

The Power of AI

“The most important thing that I would emphasize and define in the context of diversity and inclusion within the artificial intelligence technology industry and capabilities is the great power and opportunity artificial intelligence can provide to disadvantaged or people with disabilities.” – Devan Leos

Devan Leos, a former actor and newly seated board member of Undetectable AI, is a strong advocate for the use of AI to empower disadvantaged individuals and those with disabilities. Diagnosed with a learning disability himself, Leos has firsthand experience of the transformative potential of AI. Devan says he and the Undetectable AI team are exploring ways to use AI to improve communication and accessibility, particularly for those who may otherwise be left behind.

Leos, an author on, says he’s so passionate about the subject that he penned an informative article about how AI could assist with accessibility and people with disabilities.

The company Undetectable AI which we covered in an article about bypassing AI detection, has also had its leadership recently nominated [...]

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