DCMP Distribution of Fully Accessible Streaming Media

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DCMP Distribution of Fully Accessible Streaming Media

DCMP Partnerships

DCMP partners with top educational and broadcast E/I content partners and distributors to make their content accessible and available to students with disabilities. High-quality audio description and captions are created, along with full masters, and in exchange, our partners make their content available on DCMP’s targeted distribution services for schools and families who have students with disabilities. Access to DCMP is limited to qualified educators and family members who register online. Content can be secured through DRM protection upon request.

Accessibility Features

All DCMP platforms are fully accessible, including our website, Roku and Apple TV channels, and iOS app. The site, apps, and player are friendly to blind users who use a screen reader.

Audio Description

Audio description is a secondary audio track that provides important visual information for viewers who are blind or visually impaired. AD is easily enabled through the DCMP video player for students who are blind and visually impaired.


Captions are more than just subtitles. They include important information like speaker identification, sound effects, and music information. Captions can be accessed and customized for students who are deaf and hard of hearing through the Caption Settings in [...]

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