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Customizable Text

Web accessibility is essential for people with disabilities and useful
for all. Learn about the impact of accessibility and the benefits for
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What is “Customizable Text”?

Some users need to be able to change the way text is displayed so that
they can read the text. This includes changing the size, spacing, font,
color, and other text properties. When users change these properties, no
information or functionality should be lost, and the text should re-flow
so users don’t have to scroll horizontally to read sentences. Text
customization is more than the zoom functionality, which only changes
the text size.

Who depends on this feature?

  • People with low vision who are not using screen magnification
  • People with some forms of dyslexia and other cognitive and learning
    disabilities who need a particular presentation of text to read it.

What are the additional benefits?

  • Content is more adaptable to smaller and larger screen sizes.
  • Content is more adaptable to personal preferences and comfort.
  • Content is more adaptable when translated, since words and sentences
    are different lengths [...]

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