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CSUN 2018 Assistive Technology Conference Backchannel: Tweets, Blogs, and More!

An extensive list of curated tweets and resources from the CSUN 2018 Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego. Brought to you by the accessibility services and curriculum development teams at Microassist. Please link to and share this page if you find it helpful.

The 2018 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, sponsored by the California State University Northridge Center on Disabilities, is the largest international conference focused on assistive technology. Its goal is to expand the awareness of professionals and introduce newcomers to the disability field.

This page gathers:

  • Official CSUN Assistive Technology Conference pages
  • New Microassist accessibility training classes,
  • CSUN 2018 presenter interviews
  • #CSUNATC18 tweets
  • CSUN 2018 presentation repositories
  • CSUN-related blogs, resources, and recaps

What’s missing? We’ll add as many CSUN-related resources as we are able to discover. If you would like your blog or presentation added, please contact us.

NOTE: Last year’s tweets and resources are at our CSUN 2017 Assistive Technology Conference Backchannel.

Official CSUN 2018 Conference Pages

  • Main Conference Page
  • Program Overview Page
  • Pre-Conference Workshops
  • Registration Information
  • Conference Sessions

Microassist Involvement

Four Microassist staff went to CSUN this year:

Chief Technology Officer Hiram Kuykendall and Senior Learning Architect Kevin Gumienny, both of whom had sessions:

  • AT&T [...]

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