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Creating innovative, streamlined and accessible digital experiences

For people with disabilities, using websites and apps can be a frustrating and sometimes impossible experience. When online experiences aren’t designed with accessibility in mind, some users can’t fully access all the content and features. That’s why the federal government created Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act: to foster an inclusive digital environment that empowers all users. 

For that reason, IT, procurement and operations teams in the public sector are tasked with creating 508-compliant digital experiences that are widely usable, highly accessible and all-inclusive.

This mandate applies to all federal, state and local agencies as well as their vendors, contractors and partners. It calls for website content, emails, computer software, application, and PDF versions to be non-discriminatory and fully accessible to all.

Accessibility is more critical and relevant than ever

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, with virtually every government service now having a digital offering. While the 508-compliance law is part of an ongoing legislative drive to create a more equitable socio-economic playing field for those with disabilities, creating more accessible applications benefits all [...]

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