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Chop vegetables in a safe & easy way with these choppers

Independent Living July 16, 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has forced many of us to become self-reliant when it comes to everyday chores like cooking and cleaning.

Cooking a basic meal becomes easy easier when you have the right tools. A vegetable chopper is a must have for everyone. It not only saves time but helps people with mobility issues or vision impairments work independently in the kitchen.

“Want to know about accessible fruits and vegetable cutter/chopper for blind if there is any in the market along with approximate price range?”

This question by a NewzHook reader on the Facebook group Independent Living for Persons with Disabilities is something uppermost on the minds of many os us these days. If you love a bowl of salad or fruit everyday but hate the thought of chopping and cutting, then a vegetable chopper/cutter is a must have.

Chopping with knives not only takes time but can be risky for [...]

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