Charting the Path to Every Child Reading

NOTE: October is Learning Disabilities (LD)/Dyslexia/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness (ADHD) Month.

Amy Traynor, OTR, M.A., ATP, National Center for Learning Disabilities Texas Parent Advisory Council Lead

“Livvy speak” is the endearing term coined for the innocent one-off names or descriptions spoken by my daughter, Olivia, when she was in preschool. We adored it and rarely corrected her.

As a pediatric occupational therapist (OT), I recognized that all children, even siblings, develop differently. It didn’t surprise me that she has done things differently than her brother and they have approached “life” differently from the other.

When the preschool teachers mentioned to me that Olivia was having difficulty learning letters or rhyming, it didn’t really phase me. I was confident that when Olivia started kindergarten she would pick up on literacy just as quickly and easily as her brother did.

A few weeks into kindergarten came the first conference where Olivia’s teacher shared concerns and initiated response to intervention. The teacher believed that with a little help, Olivia would be successful in literacy concepts as she was in numeracy concepts. None of us knew that what we were seeing were signs of dyslexia.

Difficulty with rhyming, naming letters, the unexpected difficulty learning to read, even [...]

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