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Pages in this category track APA specification review activity. Each page represents a specification, and the history of actions and interactions for the spec is recorded in the page. Also see Technologies tracked by the APA.


This category has the following 14 subcategories, out of 14 total.


  • NIDILRR Year 1
  • NIDILRR Year 2
  • NIDILRR Year 3
  • NIDILRR Year 4
  • NIDILRR Year 5


  • Spec Review Active
  • Spec Review Assigned
  • Spec Review Complete
  • Spec Review Deferred
  • Spec Review Explicit Request
  • Spec Review Needed
  • Spec Review Not Checked
  • Spec Review Not Needed

Pages in category “Spec Review”

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