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Caltrain Clipper Card

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Date Settled: 11/24/2015
Status: Settled

On behalf of several blind individuals, DRA demanded that Caltrain address the access barriers that the Clipper Card system at Caltrain stations presented to blind and low-vision passengers, such as: (1) fare gates that were difficult to locate, (2) confusing audio tones that emitted from the gates, and (3) the inability for blind and visually impaired passengers to calculate their Clipper Card balances.  Without the need for litigation, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (“MTC”) and the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (“JPB”) (collectively, “Caltrain”) signed a settlement in which they agreed to improve the accessibility of the Clipper Card system at Caltrain stations.  In accordance with the settlement, Caltrain will modify its fare gates to emit audible sounds in order to assist blind riders in locating the fare gates.  Furthermore, Caltrain [...]

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