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Trends That Exclude

Jumping on a new trend is risky business, both in fashion and web design! Here is why trends often hurt the user experience and exclude users with disabilities. I’ll also go through what you can do to avoid this from happening.

Trend #1: Bright and light

For a while now, it’s been considered modern to design things that are difficult to see. It’s a strange trend that’s causing problems for all sorts of users. Let me walk you through some troublesome bright and light trends out there.

Thin, small, grey font 💩

Slim, tiny, grey letters are popping up in interfaces all over the web, forcing users to strain their eyes while reading. Companies like Squarespace are even winning awards for this kind of unsightly design:

Running this interface through the disability simulator Funkify, this is what the interface above looks like with blurry vision:

Not very pleasant, right?

Nobody likes to strain their eyes when reading, but this trend is especially hurtful to some user groups:

  • Users with small devices
  • People who are outside in bright sunlight
  • Elderly users
  • People with low vision

When asked what causes accessibility problems on the web (our full article: Accessibility According to Actual Users with [...]

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