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AudioEye Shares Results Of AI And Accessibility Study, Says It ‘Illustrates Tremendous Potential’ For Responsible Use

Steven Aquino
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Jun 29, 2023,12:53pm EDT|

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AudioEye said this week generative AI can help uncover accessibility issues.

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Arizona-based web accessibility company AudioEye this week issued a press release in which they announced findings related to how generative AI can impact the disability community. The study examined the “effectiveness and impact of generative AI on identifying, fixing, and communicating accessibility issues that typically require expert review.”

According to AudioEye, the use of generative AI tools “[reduced] the time required to assess and correct a complex accessibility issue—such as determining whether a link is clear and accurate—by up to ten times.” Moreover, the company noted, by its automative nature, AI is a more “scalable solution” to addressing accessibility problems that otherwise would necessitate “time-consuming human analysis.” AudioEye is enthusiastic in how the study’s findings illustrate “tremendous potential for the responsible use of AI when combined with human expertise.”

“These results [...]

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