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Taking Accessible Video to the Next Level

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Audio Description

Taking Accessible Video to the Next Level

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cielo24’s new Audio Description solution brings an improved video experience to people with low vision, vision impairment and blindness.

Audio description helps people with blindness and vision impairment more completely experience their media content by providing descriptive analysis of the setting, the plot, visual interactions and other important aspects of media beyond the dialogue alone.

Accessibility requirements for universities and many organizations continue to expand around the world, including the need for audio description. cielo24 is committed to serving as a reliable accessible media partner for our clients and continue this pledge through this premium quality, accessible-level audio description service.

Standard Audio Description Services Available + FREE Audio Description Transcript

cielo24 is currently offering standard audio description for compliance purposes, which includes the audio track and visual description of what is happening in the video.

And a small secret, ALL audio description minutes include a FREE audio description transcript. We want to put the power of accessibility in your hands. If you [...]

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