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George Dvorsky


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Image: Images: Astro Access Graphics: Vicky Leta

AstroAccess is a winner of the 2023 Gizmodo Science Fair for pushing for universal accessibility in the space environment and for running pathfinding tests in zero-gravity with help from disabled individuals.



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The Question

As we seek to increasingly live and work in low Earth orbit and beyond, how can we ensure space is accessible to everyone?


The Results

AstroAccess, in addition to promoting disability inclusion in space, has been conducting tests with disabled people in a simulated weightless environment, namely parabolic flights chartered with the Zero Gravity Corporation. These tests are conceived, developed, and performed by an international team of disabled scientists, students, veterans, athletes, and artists, and they’re providing early insights into the kinds of accommodations that will work to make space a welcoming and productive place for all people. The disabled crew performs its tests inside a specially configured cabin while [...]

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