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Our online gallery features just a few of the many paintings, sculpture and other art objects at the firm’s offices. Most of the art, often described as “outsider,” “visionary” or “self-taught” art,” was created by persons who have no formal art training or education. Some of these artists have never seen the inside of an art gallery or museum. They ingeniously use whatever materials are at hand—literally, as in the case of the late Alabama artist, Jimmie Sudduth, who died in 2007, at the age of 97. Sudduth painted with his fingers and made paint out of mud mixed with grasses and wild berries. Another of the featured artists, Charlie Lucas welds his metal sculptures from junk he finds along the side of the road. These artists and the art they create are testament to the creative force and inspiration of the individual human spirit. Just as their artistic vision empowers these artists, our firm’s goal is to empower our clients by helping them break down barriers to equal employment, fair treatment as employees, access unlimited by physical disabilities and enjoyment of a safe environment.

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