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Are your Anchor Links Accessible?December 14th, 2020

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One day I decided I wanted to add anchor links to each of the sections in my blog posts. Over the past few months, I’d seen these links on a lot of pages—from official documentation pages to smaller blog posts. I find them really useful for sharing sections of pages with other people!

To make the different sections of my blog posts shareable, I decided to add an anchor link to all of the section headers (<h2>s) in each of my posts.

While researching the best way to do this, something I noticed again and again was that other sites had almost always implemented anchor links in an inaccessible way.

Within a few hours, I had made a plugin to automate the addition of anchor links to my blog post sections, AND I had ensured the links were accessible!


Section titled Contents

  • What are anchor links exactly?
  • Accessibility check
  • A word of caution
  • Another option
  • Automating accessible anchor links
  • Continued discussion

Section titled What are anchor links exactly?

Anchor links provide a way to link to separate sections of a page. On this page, hover [...]

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