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More Than Just a WCAG Conformance Scanning Solution

Robust Dashboards

View machine-detectable WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 accessibility defects (prioritized by impact and severity) and remediation progress over time via elegant graph displays within ARC.


Actionable Insights

Alerts and errors are paired with code-level remediation techniques, a contextual KnowledgeBase, and e-learning Tutor modules.

Solve your Problem

Document Conformance

Document your progress for risk mitigation and demonstrate efforts to achieve accessibility.

Automated WCAG Density Scoring

DevOps Integration

RESTful API integrates with any platform that uses open APIs, including CI/CD and bug tracking software.

Start Integrating Accessibility

ARC Monitoring is fast, effective, and scalable

ARC Monitoring is more than a scanning solution; it turns data into actionable insights. Easily see what pages have the highest density of certain types of WCAG accessibility defects.

Track progress over time and compare the performance of different sites, pages, or user flows. Use ARC Monitoring dashboards and data visualization features to guide you with priorities and trends, providing a powerful visual representation of your entire accessibility program.

The right data in the right hands. Never overloaded.

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How ARC Monitoring drives accessibility

  • Measure and track historical performance in ARC Dashboards. View trends and priorities.
  • Use dashboards that suit your users: Customer (multi-domain), Domain, Folder, Page, and Issue
  • Compare [...]

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