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Apple TV+ Original Animated Series ‘El Deafo’ Nominated For Inaugural Children’s And Family Emmy Award

Steven Aquino
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Nov 2, 2022,06:04pm EDT|

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Apple’s “El Deafo” is about a little girl who must navigate losing her hearing after an illness.


Apple on Wednesday announced via press release that its Apple TV+ original animated series, El Deafo, has been nominated for a Children’s and Family Emmy award. The inaugural honor is one of seventeen for the Cupertino-homed tech titan, whose television efforts are based in Culver City, near Los Angeles.

Other nominees include Ghostwriter and Helpsters.

El Deafo is based upon the graphic novel of the same name, written by Cece Bell. The series follows the main character, a young elementary school girl named Cece, who loses her hearing following an infection and must adapt to hearing aids. This column featured an in-depth interview with Bell back in January, where [...]

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