Appendix B: Narrator keyboard commands and touch gestures

Appendix B: Narrator keyboard commands and touch gestures

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This appendix lists the keyboard commands and touch gestures available in the latest version of Windows. 

To view a list of all other keyboard shortcuts in Windows, see Keyboard shortcuts in Windows. To view a list of keyboard shortcuts in Windows apps, see Keyboard shortcuts in apps.

Narrator key

You can choose what modifier key you want to use in Narrator commands. Both the Caps lock and Insert keys serve as your Narrator key by default. You can use either of these keys in any command that uses the Narrator key. The Narrator key is referred to as simply “Narrator” in commands. You can change your Narrator key in Narrator settings.

Note: If you’re using a Japanese 106 keyboard, Insert and NonConvert are your default Narrator keys.

Narrator keyboard commands

Narrator has two possible keyboard layouts: Standard and Legacy. Commands for each are listed below. For the scan mode commands, go to Chapter 3: Using scan mode.

Note: The commands that include plus (+) and minus (-) refer to the physical key and don’t require Shift as a modifier. Unless explicitly called out, it isn’t necessary to include [...]

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