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APH Is Ready for a Braille Revolution

July 6, 2021

We’re on a mission to create a groundbreaking electronic braille text and graphics device that revolutionizes braille learning and accessibility.

By Anne Durham, Vice President/Chief Officer, Innovation and Strategy

You undoubtedly heard the big splash in 2017, when we introduced our plans for the Graphiti, a dynamic, multi-level tactile display. All of us here vividly remember the day of the solar eclipse that year, when people who are visually impaired were able to touch the sun with their hands using the device.

But through that development process, we learned that we can – and must – do even more. Graphiti would have been used side-by-side with a braille textbook. But now, in partnership with HumanWare, we’re developing what we consider the holy grail of Braille: a single tablet [...]

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