ANDI – Accessibility Testing Tool – Tutorial

The Test Page

  • Launching ANDI
  • Element Highlights

Active Element Inspection

  • Element Name
  • Accessibility Components Table
  • ANDI Output

Page Analysis

  • Total Elements Found
  • Previous Next Element Buttons
  • Additional Page Details
  • Accessibility Alerts

Module Selection Menu

  • ANDI (focusable elements)
  • gANDI (graphics/images)
  • lANDI (links)
  • tANDI (tables)
  • sANDI (structures)
  • hANDI (hidden content)


  • Relaunch Button
  • Advanced Settings
  • Hotkeys List Button
  • Help Button
  • Close Button
  • Version Popup

Advanced Settings

  • Element Highlights Toggle
  • Linearize Page
  • MiniMode


  • Relaunch
  • Output Jump
  • Active Element Jump
  • Next Element
  • Previous Element
  • Section Jump

Mouse Controls

  • Lasers
  • Hover Lock

Concurrent Use

  • With Screen Readers
  • With Developer Tools


  • Dynamic Content
  • Frames/iFrames
  • Shadow DOM
  • JavaScript Errors
  • Test Page Manipulation
  • Testing ANDI with ANDI

Launching ANDI

Navigate to the page to be tested.
Launch ANDI by clicking on the favorite/bookmark labelled
“ANDI“. ANDI will be inserted onto the page.
Get Installation Instructions

If you are experiencing issues launching ANDI please
visit the FAQ.

Element Highlights

After ANDI has finished scanning the page, all focusable/interactive elements
will be given visual highlights.

Focusable Elements:

Focusable elements will be highlighted with an orange dashed outline (1 pixel thickness) signifying that some
accessibility markup was found for the element. A tester should inspect these elements to determine if the
ANDI Output is appropriate for its context in the page.

Focusable Elements with Danger Alert:

If ANDI has found a high priority level
Accessibility Alert associated with an element,
the element will be highlighted with a [...]

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