An Overlooked And Growing Market: People With Disabilities

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An Overlooked And Growing Market: People With Disabilities

Bruce Y. Lee
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Nov 2, 2016,08:00am EDT|

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U.S. Paralympic athlete Bpb Lujano speaks at the recent Innovation Summit at Johns Hopkins… [+] University, co-hosted by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Global Obesity Prevention Center (GOPC), the Laureus Sports for Good Foundation, and The Aspen Institute. (Photo courtesy of the GOPC and provided by Sarah Rebbert, GOPC Communications Specialist, and Maggie Chesson, GOPC Administrative Coordinator.)

Here’s a business idea. Ignore a potential market. That’s what many sports and athletics-related businesses did until they realized in the mid-1990’s that they had been passing on a gold mine: women. Yes, you know half the population that some thought should just play with Barbie dolls and Easy-Bake ovens? Well, the 1990s were a turning point as NBC’s 1996 Summer Olympic Games coverage targeted women much more than previously and many more female-oriented sports leagues (e.g., soccer and basketball), apparel [...]

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