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An Internet for Everyone: Meet Mozilla’s Accessibility Team

December 16, 2020

Mozilla’s mission is making the online world open and accessible to all—and that includes people with disabilities. Below, Accessibility team members Asa Dotzler (Senior Product Manager), Morgan Rae Reschenberg (Platform Engineer), Jamie Teh (Staff Engineer and Tech Lead), and Marco Zehe (Senior Platform Engineer and Evangelist) explain how they collaborate with the rest of the team and company—and beyond—to help build every product with accessibility in mind.

First, tell us about your roles at Mozilla.

Morgan: I’m a platform accessibility engineer, and I focus on the Mac platform. When I first joined the team a couple of years ago, I worked primarily on projects for users who have low vision, giving them more options for things like zoom and contrast. This year, I’ve been working on our support for VoiceOver, the native screen reader for MacOS.

Marco: I do a mix of engineering work, but my primary focus is [...]

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