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Tech AI-based AccessNow, Daniels Maps Regent’s Park Accessibility
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Last week’s announcement involving builders and developers Daniels Corporation and accessibility technology company AccessNow represent a major step forward in determining how smart city advances can help people with disabilities feel comfortable and prosperous.

AccessNow is a mobile app that “provides a pan-obstacle lens for accessibility in physical spaces around the world” and works with Daniels to improve accessibility for companies and public spaces in Canada’s largest social, Regent Park, Toronto. Mapping, reviewing and ranking. Residential community.

Daniels and the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) are currently redeveloping 69 acres of land, including the recently completed 660 Dundas St.E World Urban Pavilion, as well as new housing formats.

A multi-year partnership between the Urban Economy Forum (UEF), the United Nations Habitat, the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC), and Daniels, the Pavilion is “designed as a knowledge exchange hub for stakeholders around the world to meet and share. Learning and best practices for sustainable urban development. ”According to the press release.

Jake Cohen, Chief Operating Officer of Daniels, said: This pavilion we are in is a step towards achieving those goals.

“For all of us at Daniels, smart isn’t just a buzzword. When it comes [...]

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