AEM Center: What's Your Role?

What’s Your Role?


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Only have 15 minutes to learn about accessible materials and technologies? Each resource has been selected to help you get up to speed quickly and focuses on the information you need to get started with accessible materials and technologies based on your role.

  • Family or Caregiver
  • User of Accessible Materials
  • K–12 Leader Educator or Leader
  • Early Childhood Educator or Leader
  • Higher Education Faculty or Administrator
  • Pre-Service Teacher Educator
  • Workforce Development Trainer or Leader
  • Purchaser
  • Publisher or Developer

I’m a family member or caregiver

I’m looking for ways that I can support my child who needs reading supports.
Learn about the many accessibility features that are built into the programs and devices that schools commonly provide to students and/or you already have at home. Start with Personalizing the Reading Experience.

I believe my child needs accessible materials and I’m looking for information to share with school staff.
Learn questions that a decision-making team can ask [...]

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