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Consultant, Writer, Speaker

I have been developing accessible, effective user interfaces for the Web since 1993, as well as interfaces for multimedia and software applications. With a focus on standards and accessibility, I ensure software and web-based applications can be utilized by users with varying levels of ability on a wide array of platforms.

Most recently I was vice president at Algonquin Studios, which I co-founded in 1998 and departed at the end of 2015 to pursue accessibility and user experience consulting full-time. I have been responsible for bridging the gap between the worlds of design and technology for my entire career.

I served as an invited expert in the W3C HTML Working Group, the standards body responsible for developing HTML. I am now a full member and am part of Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group, Accessible Rich Internet Applications Working Group, HTML Accessibility Task Force, and Web Platform Working Group (formerly the HTML Working Group).

I am a founding member of, one of the very first communities (by its mailing list and web site dating back to 1998) made up of web professionals from around the globe who share their knowledge and experience in web development.

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