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Adaptive Seamless Pants That You’ll Actually Wear

By Seth McBride|2021-06-23T12:58:08-04:00June 23rd, 2021|

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Izzy Camilleri, the designer behind the adaptive clothing brand IZ Adaptive, may have finally solved the wheelchair pants problem — how to build a stylish pant with a seamless back that minimizes possible pressure points — with the introduction of her aptly-named Game Changer Pant.

“The first pant in the collection looks like a classic jean in the front but the back has a revolutionary design called IZ Seamless Technology. This design is free of seams or pockets that a person would normally be sitting on that can result in pressure sores,” says Camilleri. The style and functionality of the Game Changer can be traced to her decade of experience in adaptive clothing combined with her work designing stylish clothing for Hollywood stars like Meryl Streep, Jason Momoa and Daniel Radcliffe.

The back of the Game Changer pants are completely free of seams.

The Game Changer Collection pants are available for men and women in blue and black denim for $165. Men’s Chinos are $155, Men’s and Women’s Sweatpants are $105, and Women’s [...]

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