#ADA32: The ADA has applied to digital for decades

#ADA32: The ADA has applied to digital for decades

Posted on July 26, 2022

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This is an article about the Americans with Disabilities Act. The law was passed 32 years ago. Since that time it has supported the right of disabled people to participate in the digital world. As early as 1996 the US Department of Justice said the ADA applied to the internet. This article has links so you can learn more about how the ADA has helped with websites that people with disabilities can use and other things. Lainey believes that people should not be afraid of the ADA. The law can be a way to open doors without fear. It can be a powerful enabler for a digital world that everyone can participate in.

Recently I had the opportunity to ask an audience the first words that came to mind when I said “law in the digital accessibility space.” I heard what I often hear: “threatening” “ambiguous” “confusing.”

Yet I heard something else too. I heard reference to the law in the digital space as a “powerful enabler”and a “door-opener.”

Today is the 32d anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s long [...]

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