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December 28, 2021

Accurate Mac speech recognition is all about the mic, says quadriplegic user

Ben Lovejoy

– Dec. 28th 2021 8:14 am PT




If there’s anyone who should know about how to get the most accurate Mac speech recognition, it’s someone who’s an ex-BBC producer and also quadriplegic – so he’s heavily reliant on dictation.

Colin Hughes, who has previously shared his thoughts on Apple’s accessibility features, says that using the right microphone can transform the experience of dictating on a Mac or PC. He’s been helping one manufacturer get it right and says that the result is the best mic he’s ever found for speech recognition.

Hughes says that while Apple has done a lot of great work on the accessibility front, there are still some frustrations regarding both voice control and dictation on a Mac.

With all these bugs and shortcomings with dictation in Voice Control, one is left with the impression that Voice Control is still a very immature application more than two years after it launched and I feel it’s time Apple showed it some love and attention and polished it up so it’s really fit for use. There is a crying need for [...]

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