'Accommodations – They Make All The Difference' by Amy Sequenzia

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Accommodations – They Make All The Difference

Accommodations are important and they work.

I should not be making a big deal about it. The ADA is 25 years old. Sadly, getting the accommodations we, disable people need, is often the opposite of simple.

If you have been reading my posts, you know that I am very visibly disabled.

I am also proud, and I don’t try to be someone other than myself.

I do require a lot of supports, and once I have them, I can do anything I set up as goals.

I have goals, or simply things I want to do, that most people would consider absurd. This is because they try to define what I am supposed to like and wish based on how I look, or how I move. Based on biased assumptions.

I defy that idea and I have a story for you. Again, it should not be a big deal, but since it still is, I will celebrate.

Recently, I discover some pretty awesome music and for many reasons, the band – Headstones – became my favorite. I love their music and the colors I see when listening to it.

The band announced three shows and I decided that I was going to [...]

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