Accessible Website Design and Application Development

Accessible Website Design and Application Development

Make Sure Your Websites and Applications are Accessible to All

Accessible website design and development, and accessible application design and development, both empower users with disabilities to independently navigate, browse, use, and otherwise interact with your digital content. Think of online accessibility for your website or app as you would accessibility in the physical world: Buildings, transit systems, and other physical accommodations follow specific guidelines so that everyone can navigate those environments and enjoy various services.

Online, well-implemented accessibility standards enable your digital environment to be usable, navigable, and understandable to a population where roughly one in four people have a disability. 

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What Characterizes Accessibility?

Accessible development means building websites and apps that are usable by everyone, including people with disabilities. Disabilities may be

  • visual (blind or low vision)
  • auditory (Deaf or hearing impaired)
  • mobility related
  • cognitive

In part, accessible website design or application design

  • includes navigation that is efficient and meaningful
  • works well with assistive devices as well as standard browsers
  • enables all users to perceive the meaning behind images, text, files, and multimedia that you use to communicate about your products, services, and organization
  • communicates [...]

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