Accessible Minivans for Parents with Disabilities

Accessible Minivans for Parents with DisabilitiesLiving With a Disability, Wheelchair Accessible

Being a parent is a round the clock job, with no paid vacation or sick days. After all the hours of taking care of your child, the hard work is always worth it. But when you have mobility issues, the work becomes a little more challenging and can require more planning, problem solving, and patience. With an adaptive vehicle, some of these challenges get easier—an accessible minivan provides ample room for you and your child while giving you the freedom to drive independently.

Accessible Entry and Exit

Accessible minivans can accommodate a side or rear entry, depending on your preference. A side entry van allows extra room for maneuvering but requires extra space for ramp deployment. A portion of the floor of the vehicle is lowered for wheelchair users to drive in the first row of seating and offer storage space behind the third row. The extra storage space is perfect for children to put their belongings, especially sports equipment, without blocking the entryway.

The second option is a rear entry van that is typically less expensive to convert to, making it a popular choice. A benefit to the rear entry minivan [...]

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