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Accessible Documents

WHY Accessible Documents are Needed

All public facing documents that can be accessed on the internet should be accessible to all people. For all government agencies and companies that serve government agencies, supplying accessible documents is the law. People who have visual, cognitive, hearing or motor impairments have a difficult time accessing documents on the internet due to them being inaccessible. This means that people with certain disabilities can’t help themselves on the internet, preventing them from doing important things such as:

  • Reading educational and training materials
  • Accessing important documentation
  • Submitting online employment applications
  • Purchasing products and services

WHO Needs Accessible Documents?

As of 2014, an estimated 285 million people worldwide are visually impaired. 246 million of those have low vision and 39 million are blind (Source: World Health Organization). As of 2013, over a billion people have some form of disability (Source: World Health Organization).

The following describes what types of disabilities negatively affect the ability to read documents that are not formatted correctly:

Low Vision

The inability to read text that is in certain colors and fonts. To make documents accessible to people with low vision, use a 4.5:1 color-contrast ratio to ensure the documents can be read using a screen magnifier.


The [...]

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