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Accessible Design
Good design is invisible. The best designed products are usually taken for granted because the experience is natural and intuitive for all types of users; only when a product is not well-designed do you realize how flawed it is.

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What is Good Design?

Good design considers how users in different contexts could potentially engage with a product and takes this into account during the design process. In this sense, “good design” and “accessible design” are almost parallel concepts.

Focusing on Accessibility Results in an Accessible Design

By designing a product with the intent for it to be used by people with a variety of physical and cognitive abilities you end up with a design that works for everyone. This does not mean sacrificing complexity or “dumbing it down”; but, rather, taking into account different use cases during the design process. The more contexts you consider, the better the experience will be for all users.

You may be thinking that it’s easier to produce accessible designs for simple products but the more complicated a product, the harder it is to make it accessible – and you’d be right. As you add more features or complicated uses, it gets exponentially [...]

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