Accessible Cruises: Cruising with Disability Information

Accessible Cruises: Cruising with Disability Information

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Updated/Revised Date: 2022/04/10
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Synopsis: Information on accessible cruise ship travel for people with disabilities and carers to help plan enjoyable trips. For blind travelers who bring along their guide dogs or other service animals, they’ll have a difficult time finding the best cruise. Each of the ports of call has different rules and regulations regarding guide dogs and service animals. Service animals may not be allowed to leave the cruise ship. Because the cruise lines are all different, you need to compare the cruise lines and all they have to offer; this requires a little research on your part. However, travel agents who specialize in cruise travel can really shorten your work and prevent many problems and help you gain the best access.


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If you have a disability, are disabled in any way, or have some special needs, you can still enjoy a great cruise experience and learn all about accessible travel.

The first step in planning a cruise ship adventure is to consult a travel agent who specializes in cruise travel for people with disabilities to make sure [...]

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