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    Disabled Accessible Travel is the European specialist when it comes to private accessible shore excursions. And this includes private accessible and affordable cruise port transfers.

    When you arrive

    Once your ship is docked, your driver is waiting for you with a sign with your name on it. At most cruise ports, you will find him or her inside the cruise terminal. As there are usually many passengers leaving the ship at once, do not worry about any possible delays. We understand it can take a bit longer before you can make your way to the terminal. The driver will not leave without you!

    Depending on the port of call, all accessible taxis are equipped with a rear ramp of a hydraulic lift. You can remain seated in your wheelchair or scooter during transfer at all times.


    To avoid a lack of availability, we highly recommend booking your accessible cruise port transfer on time. Not all ports have or allow adapted vehicles waiting at the general taxi stand. Additionally, as there can be over 5000 people leaving the ship(s) at the same time, these vehicles are in high demand.


    Private accessible transfer costs differ per country, port, and vehicle. The prices are based [...]

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