Accessibility Tools and Resources for Designers

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Here are a set of tools and resources for designers to inculcate accessibility into their designs, often organizations talk about shift left approach when they talk about accessibility, and we believe these accessibility tools will make it easy and reduce the number of accessibility defects during the development phase.

As an accessibility specialist I often suggest my clients to perform design accessibility audits and annotate their designs as this will help developers to write semantic code which in turn bakes in accessibility from start.

Accessibility Tools for Figma

Here is a compiled list of plugins using Figma for designers to create accessible digital content:

  • A11y Focus Orderer:
    This plugin allows designers to annotate their designs for indication of where and in what order the browser should change the focus to. It’s crucial for input types that aren’t cursor based, including swipe-to-focus capabilities on Android and iOS, and any keyboard navigation on a computer. With this plugin, you can select an element and use the plugin to create a focal point. If you need to change the order of the focus, you [...]
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