Accessibility Statement Generator’s Roundup

If you are in the process of building accessibility statement for your digital applications, then these accessibility statement generating tools might come in handy. It is not difficult to build an accessibility statement if you are some one who is working in the digital accessibility space for a while. But if you are a small business or independent accessibility consultant then these accessibility statement generators will help you accelerate the process.

Most of the accessibility statement generators listed here are simple to use, just input the data that is being asked & you have a decent digital accessibility statement to work with. Please note that these accessibility tools will get you started & one need to have knowledge & understanding off accessibility guidelines to create an accurate accessibility statement.

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Accessibility Statement Generator Tools

  • Generate an Accessibility Statement by W3C
    This accessibility statement tool by W3C is the best one I came across. It creates an accessibility statement that is comprehensive& with a little bit of tweaking & making it more detailed will help you go that extra mile in your accessibility journey.
  • Accessibility statement generator by SiteImprove
    Take the hassle out [...]

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