Accessibility Rules of Dressing, Fitting or Locker Rooms

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Accessibility Rules of Dressing, Fitting or Locker Rooms

By Susan Lacke

Published November 20, 2020

One simple way clothing stores, mall outlets, gyms and fitness boutiques can build loyalty with the one in four American adults with a disability is to outfit the establishment with included accessible fitting rooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms.

Despite this much-needed accommodation in businesses, many don’t comply. One 2017 study found that the majority of fitness facilities lacked accessible facilities for people with disabilities and complaints about ADA violations in dressing rooms at retail stores are one of the most common topics in ADA lawsuits, costing businesses thousands of dollars in legal fees and bad publicity. That’s unfortunate because accessibility is good business, and often not very difficult to achieve. The ADA Checklist for Accessible Design (PDF) offers plenty of guidance.

Physical space

According to ADA guidelines, “Turning space shall not be required in a private dressing room entered through a curtained opening at least 32 inches wide if clear floor space complying with section 4.2 renders the [...]

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